TF2 Planning Sulukule: Business as usual versus alternative paths

This group will be more technically involved and will deal with the improvement as well as the possible future paths of the new masterplan for Sulukule neighbourhood. Group will be briefed on past developments, how and which actions of different actors caused which alterations of the paln ... The understanding of 'What has happened ? Which interventions have been made ? How successfull were they ? What did / does participation in local context mean ? Whats missing ? How can still be wisely intervened ?" will be essential to the work of this group.Strategies of an alternative physical planning will be explored towards possibilities of a sustainable development based on local traditions in particularly within the music and entertainment sector. Today most locals have to commute to other areas in the city to make a living in the entertainment sector and nightlife, as local entertainment houses were cleansed in the 90s. The past work of the Development Planning Unit / University College of London, last year in Sulukule will also be presented and evaluated within this context. Fener / Balat area, another chapter of gentrification in the historical peninsula by state intervention will be briefly examined as a comparative case study.

Group coordinator: Asli Kiyak Ingin (architect, activist of sulukule platform)

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