TF1 Code 5366: A law for 'protection by renewal' or for enforced gentrification?

A recently released so called law for 'the sustainable use of downgraded historical real estate through protection by renewal' is the legal basis of the recent transformation efforts in İstanbul. Sulukule is just one neighbourhood among a set of further examples like Fener+Balat, Suleymaniye,Tarlabasi, Algerian street,... The workgroup 'code 5366' will try to construct the overall picture by comparing different areas that are under the threat of law-based regeneration projects. Information about the law as well as its implementation procedures will be the starting point. Visits to the sites (mainly concentrating on the sites Sulukule and Tarlabasi, a very centrally located slum area with mixed migrant population) and contacts to relevant actors (urban regeneration experts, officers from municipalities) will be the focus. Furthermore, the group will be involved in discussions with the local residents on the main goals of the law / law-based projects.

Group coordinators: Tolga İslam with Ferzan Aydın (architects, YTU)

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