TF3 Resettlement: To cleanse poverty in the center or to build the social city ?

Renters constitute the least protected or most disadvantaged group according to the official wording of the Code5366. However, politicians are still paying lipservice to the concept of a social city, and offer their solution: Home ownership through mortgage with 'good conditions' in a new housing area built by TOKI, the public Mass Housing Administration. Some incline to accept, some don't. Investigations of the taskforce in the renters' millieu, includes an excursion to Tasholuk, the resettlement area 40 kms away, in the far periphery of the Megapolis. Some residents of the Tasholuk area also express concerns of the Roma becoming their new neighbours. Contacts hereby will include among relevant institutions and experts, also renters of different profile and views from Sulukule as well as residents in Tasoluk. The recently exercised resettlement of the low income Ayazma squatter neighbourhood to Güzelbahce housing development area is a good example of comparison. These districts in the periphery will be visited within the program of the taskforce, resettlers of different categories interviewed.

Group coordinator: Aysim Turkmen (anthropologist, documentary film maker)

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